Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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This mistress realized that she was about to be fired. She had to act first to make sure it did not happen. So she used her hypnosis powers to get into the mind of the human resource manager and change his mind about firing her. When she was done, she left quietly so that he did not know what she had done. She then sat back and watched how he saved her.

Mistress Emily has hypnotic powers and she loves to use them to get what she wants. But today she did not want anything other than to have fun and that is why she hypnotized this guy and got him to be her toy. The mistress did it just because she could and she had a great time doing it. The poor guy could do nothing about it as he could not see it coming.

Mistress Dana was interested in being a pro at brainwashing and hypnotizing guys. That is because she knew it was a powerful tool to have and she had to absolutely have those powers. So mistress Dana used her hot body to tease this guy and slowly, she brainfucked him and she got him under her spell. Consequently, the mistress was able to do whatever she wanted to and with him.

This mistress loves to do crazy things because she loves adventure. Today she wanted to try out the new skills she had learned. She started with hypnosis which she tried against her slave. She used her ass to distract him and to get him both turned on and distracted as she weaved her magic and finally got him hypnotized and completely under her control. He could not do anything about it.

Goddess Nika has a sexy camel toe and she loves to use it to tease. Today she wanted to go further than that so she chose to use it to hypnotize this guy. She felt that hypnotizing him would give her more powers over him as she would have total control over him and she would do whatever she wanted with him. So she got down to business and she got her hypnotized.

Goddess Lena took a smoke as she worked on hypnotizing her slave. She used the cigarette to distract him and to also look like she was harmless. It worked as she was able to get him under her total control and then have him do all the things she wanted him to do for her without any opposition. When he came to, he did not even know what had happened.

This mistress used a dildo to make this guy get horny and also to humiliate him. He did not know it but her goal was first of all to turn him on and after that, get him hypnotized. So she played with the dildo and told him he should expect what she did to her dildo to be done to his dick and that made it easier to hypnotize him.

Mistress Palina was tired of using her hot body for hypnosis and she wanted to try something else. She chose to try use of a dildo to do it. The mistress knew it would be a daunting task so she prepared for a few days so as to perfect what she wanted to do to him. It was a lot of fun as she finally tried it but it took longer and she had to use other skills to make it a success.

Lady Stefanie wanted to make some money from this loaded guy but he seemed like a hard nut to crack. He was also too full of himself and stubborn so she used her hot body to shut him up and her hypnosis fetish to gain total control over him and do what she wanted to him. The mistress was now free to do anything she wanted to him and she chose to make as much as she could from him.

Mistress Harley is blessed with a huge pair of tits and an equally sexy ass. She is tattooed from the neck down and she also has a naughty personality. With an adventurous spirit to boot, the mistress is simply irresistible. She used her hot looks and managed to get this guy hypnotized. She did it slowly and within a few minutes, he was wrapped around her finger and she controlled everything he did. She even financially dominated him.

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