Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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Madame Svea knew that if she wanted to hypnotize this loser quicker, she had to use her hot ass. So she put it front and center in what she wanted to do. And within a short period of time, she had managed to gain total control of the loser and she had fun ordering him around and making him do things she was sure he would not have done were it not for hypnosis.

Mistress Ava wanted to dominate this guy financially but she wanted to do it in a different way from how she had been doing it before. Today she wanted to do it without having to remove her clothes. She did not want to tease the guy. She wanted to use her mouth, her voice and her facial expressions to do it. She also incorporated her cigarette. It worked as she was able to scare the shit out of him and control him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan had worked hard to perfect her hypnosis fetish. This is because of how valuable she knew it was to her. She could get anyone to tell her anything she wanted to know and she knew that she could use it to manipulate anyone she wanted including making them her credit cards. Her hypnotic prowess coupled with her naughty nature and sexy body, all this was a breeze for her.

This loser did not know who he had messed with. The mistress was so pissed by what he had done that she had to make sure he learned from it. She used her hypnosis fetish to take advantage of him and to make him do all the nasty things she wanted him to do but which she knew he would not do if he was not hypnotized. He learned from his mistake.

Princess Serena loves hypnosis because she is able to hide behind it to get what she wants. By the time she is done hypnotizing someone, he or she does not know what happened to him and they cannot point back to her. She was practicing today and she did not want anything from this loser so she hypnotized him as practice but did not do anything else to the guy.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves hypnosis. She enjoys making guys her bitches and ordering them around using her femdom hypnosis. She knows they cannot resist her charm and that is why she always uses it. Today she was testing her charm as she wanted to gain better hypnosis skills and stop relying on only one method. So she tried them on this guy and she was happy it worked better than the other one.

Princess Kitty understands that guys are easy to hypnotize when they are sexually aroused. That is because they are not in complete control of their mental faculties. That is why she loves to tease them and to arouse them before she hypnotizes them. They can never tell where she is headed with what she wants to do and she finds it vastly easier and better to do it that way.

When you are blessed with tits as lovely as this mistress has, there are few things you cannot do or accomplish. She wanted to make a little money so she turned to her hypnotic fetish for it. She would use her naughtiness and her craziness to tease guys. Today she did it while she jerked off. She then got the guy to do what she wanted him to do for her.

This mistress has black lips and she has loves to wear all black clothes and make up. She loves it because it makes her look like a bad girl, which she is. She loves to tease and humiliate guys for fun and whenever they find out how cruel she is, they cannot blame anyone else except themselves because she did not hide the kind of person she is to them.

Mistress Herrin Amy has a lovely figure, ass and tits. She loves to tease and is a great flirt. She has seductive moves that can get any man's blood to boil and she dresses to impress. She loves to do that especially because she has a paypig who depends on it. And she depends on him. So that is one of the best ways she uses to financially humiliate the paypig.

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