Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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Princess Jenny has big tits and she loves using them for her fun. She used them to hypnotize this guy because she realized he had a thing for big boobs. She had fun teasing him and when she finally hypnotized him, she made him do a lot of things without him knowing he was doing them. She controlled him for her own enjoyment but she did not bother dominating him financially.

Princess Jenny was offered a lot of money to try and get some information from this guy. A lot of guys had tried but none of them had gotten the information from him. They had tried many things including intimidation but it did not work. Princess Jenny used hypnosis to get the information and it worked. She did not let the guy know she wanted anything from him. He relaxed and thought she wanted to have fun with him and slowly she hypnotized him and she got him to tell her all she knew effortlessly.

Princess Jenny knew her paypig was horny so she decided to do something for him. Of course she could not fuck him and she knew he was a major source of her income so she teased him with her sexy ass and she made him jerk off to her instructions. It was naughty and he liked it. More importantly, he was able to cum quickly and he appreciated her with money.

Princess Jenny has a lovely ass and she likes to use it to lure guys that she wants to hypnotize. She enjoys teasing them and because of her sexy ass, many of them never see it coming. She likes to brainwash them and gain complete control over them and then do what she wants with them. Most of the time she chooses to make them her cash cows and she dominates them financially.

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