Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

Lady Victoria knows how to use hypnosis to her advantage. She likes to use it to make guys believe they are having fun with her when she is in fact humiliating them and taking advantage of them. That is what she did to this loser today as she teased him and after she had brainwashed him, she turned him into her credit card. She emptied his bank account before he came to.

Mistress Emily Jones never bothers to ask for something from losers. She realized that most of them said no and she never has time to beg them. So she chose a shortcut which entails hypnotizing them and then using her powers to get what she wanted from them. She always has fun doing that and besides the fun, she also gets loads of money as she financially dominates the slaves and losers.

Goddess Kim has a hot body and she wanted to find out if she could use it to hypnotize slaves and losers. She had recently learned the art of hypnosis and she was excited to put it into use. She had fun doing it and when she realized it was effective, she was elated and she did it over and over again with the aim of financially humiliating losers and slaves.

Mistress BlackDiamoond does not like to use her money when she is making significant purchases. She likes to use other people's money. Today she wanted to change her wardrobe so she went after her paypigs and she used their money. She hypnotized them using her sexy ways and she made them shower her with all kinds of money. The poor guys were helpless against her and they had no idea what happened.

Princess Kitty was in a good mood. She wanted to have some fun so she sat on her bed and went through her bucket list. She wanted to find out what she had managed to do and what she had not managed to do. She found out that she had accomplished most of the tasks and what remained was only a small bit. She set plans to accomplish the rest starting with hypnosis which she intended to do that day.

Lady Skyla wanted money to buy a new car. She did not want to use her savings so she made this rich guy who lived near her give her the money. She used her hypnosis fetish to dominate him financially and he did not know it but she used his money to buy the car. She went and enjoyed her car in peace and he never found out about it.

Princess Serena has an ass that is out of this world. She knows that many guys cannot say no to it. So she uses it to hypnotize guys who she wants something from. She likes them to have a good memory of it all because her ass is the only thing they remember by the time she is done with them and has taken advantage of them financially and many other ways.

Lady Victoria likes to humiliate guys with her hot looks. She knows many guys want her but it is a fact that she does not want them. At least not all of them. But she wants to have fun and she uses the fact that they like her to lure them for humiliation. And she makes it seem like they are both having fun when in fact it is only her having the fun.

This mistress wanted this guy to fuck her good but he did not. She was horny and disappointed as he had his 1 minute of fun at her expense. She was pissed and she whipped him as hard as she could. She beat him up and told him never to waste a woman's time with a small dick and a 1 minute performance. She needed a good pounding and he did not deliver.

Lady Karame wanted to show this loser what she does to those who do not cooperate with her. She did not do it directly but made sure she did it without him knowing. She wanted him to fill in the blanks so she used her hypnosis fetish to get him to do the things she wanted him to do. She humiliated him and even used a dildo to torture him but he did not know it was her. He just came to and was in pain and had no idea why.

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