Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

Goddess Kim is a hypnosis expert. Many people who need to get information from others usually solicit her services. She is effective but she is not cheap. She has a lot of fun with her job and is why she is so good at it. Today she was not hypnotizing anyone. She was just having fun with herself and trying to get new ways to hypnotize guys. That is the secret to her success.

This mistress was in need of cash. She did not want to borrow it because it meant she had to return it. She wanted cash that she did not need to give back. So she lured this loaded guy and she hypnotized him. She was hot and naughty and just what she needed to hypnotize him as he was into women like her. She financially humiliated him and got more than she wanted.

Princess Jenny has a lovely ass and she likes to use it to lure guys that she wants to hypnotize. She enjoys teasing them and because of her sexy ass, many of them never see it coming. She likes to brainwash them and gain complete control over them and then do what she wants with them. Most of the time she chooses to make them her cash cows and she dominates them financially.

Mistress Emily Jones wanted to get some secrets from this loser. She tried to ask him but he did not speak. She knew what to do to him so she used her hypnosis powers on him. She gained complete control over him and she manipulated him and made him do what she wanted. She had fun doing it and she got to know more than she cared to know from him.

Princess Kitty is a mean mistress. She likes to take advantage of her slaves and she does so cruelly. She loves to use her hypnotic powers to make them do what she wants. Sometimes when she is broke, she makes them her ATM and she gets cash from them. She also has them do crazy things for her enjoyment and the great thing about it is that they never know anything about it.

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