Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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Goddess Nika wanted to make some quick cash. And she knew this guy was always horny. So she teased him a little bit and she even showed him her camel toe. He was turned on and he was like putty in her hands. She controlled him however she wanted and she got him to be her human credit card. She got the money she wanted from him without breaking a sweat.

Goddess Kim has a hot body and she wanted to find out if she could use it to hypnotize slaves and losers. She had recently learned the art of hypnosis and she was excited to put it into use. She had fun doing it and when she realized it was effective, she was elated and she did it over and over again with the aim of financially humiliating losers and slaves.

Goddess Kim is a hypnosis expert. Many people who need to get information from others usually solicit her services. She is effective but she is not cheap. She has a lot of fun with her job and is why she is so good at it. Today she was not hypnotizing anyone. She was just having fun with herself and trying to get new ways to hypnotize guys. That is the secret to her success.

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