Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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Mistress Ellie gets turned on whenever she is able to hypnotize a guy. It makes her feel powerful and she was at it today and this time, she could not help but play with her pussy even after she had hypnotized the guy. She had fun making him watch her do her thing though his hypnotized eyes and minds and he looked very sexy in that state and she jerked off to that.

Mistress Nica loves to challenge herself. And today she wanted to do the same. So she gained some hypnosis skills and she tried them on this guy and she was shocked that they worked. She loved how powerful it made her as she was able to control the guy and get him to do things she wanted. It was as if she was his remote control as he did things without questioning.

This mistress knew the power of a repetitive loop in hypnosis and she employed it on this guy. She knew its power but she had never tried it before. And that is why she chose to do so today. The mistress did not need to use her sexy charm to do it. She wanted to try the use of the loop as well as her words and motion to get the job done and she did.

Madame Svea had tried to hypnotize but she did not succeed. She was so pissed and disappointed that she had to make she got it. She tried all the tricks in the book and felt confident of trying it again. So she tried it on this guy and it worked. And to make sure her powers would always work, she went and tried it on the guy she had tried it on and it did not work. Once it worked on him, she knew she was good now. She made it a celebration as she hypnotized him.

Mistress Palina was wearing the sort of lingerie that would make a sick person feel healed. The mistress added to it superior teasing techniques and she used them to turn on the guy. She also showed off her goodies before she managed to get the guy in the right frame of mind to hypnotize him. She wanted to pull it off and now that she had, she logged off after telling him to jerk off.

This goddess did not want to stay broke when she had skills that could make her some good money. So she put them to good use and she only targeted guys who were assholes. She used her hypnosis skills on them and once she had brainwashed them and had total control over them, she would turn them into her human atms and get them to give her a lot of money.

This sexy mistress had not used her hypnosis skills in quite a while and she needed to use them. So she had to brush up her skills and bring herself up to speed with how best to go about hypnotizing a loser she needed to control. She recorded herself trying them out and even incorporating new ones that she had never tried before. Then she went on her mission to control the guy.

Goddess Nika wanted to make some quick cash. And she knew this guy was always horny. So she teased him a little bit and she even showed him her camel toe. He was turned on and he was like putty in her hands. She controlled him however she wanted and she got him to be her human credit card. She got the money she wanted from him without breaking a sweat.

This loser did not know who he had messed with. The mistress was so pissed by what he had done that she had to make sure he learned from it. She used her hypnosis fetish to take advantage of him and to make him do all the nasty things she wanted him to do but which she knew he would not do if he was not hypnotized. He learned from his mistake.

Mistress Lexi is a hypnosis queen of repute. She is gifted in using hypnosis to get info from guys. She loves to tease them and get them to relax and enjoy time with her when in fact all she wants to do it to hypnotize and humiliate them for her own fun. She was asked to find out all that this guy had witnessed because his testimony was crucial in court.

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