Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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This case had been outstanding for a long time because the guy who knew the truth did not want to talk or he was scared to talk. She had to find a way to make him talk that no one else had managed to do. The mistress did this by hypnotizing him. Once he was, she had an easy time getting the truth out of him and that helped to close the case.

This mistress wanted a job badly and she knew the best way to get it was to tease and hypnotize the HR guy so that he would shortlist her and eventually hire her. So she went to work on him and she got him turned on. She has superior naughty skills and they came in handy when she wanted him turned on. Once he was, she gained total control over him and she got him to hire her. This happened in the office as he was working late.

Mistress Palina was wearing the sort of lingerie that would make a sick person feel healed. The mistress added to it superior teasing techniques and she used them to turn on the guy. She also showed off her goodies before she managed to get the guy in the right frame of mind to hypnotize him. She wanted to pull it off and now that she had, she logged off after telling him to jerk off.

Mistress Lisa is a pro when it comes to hypnosis and her skills are appreciated by the many people who look out for her and use her services. This guy paid her to get him some information from a company executive. The guy needed to make a huge investment and she wanted to find out the actual position. So he paid her handsomely and she seduced the guy and hypnotized him to get the truth.

Goddess Lena took a smoke as she worked on hypnotizing her slave. She used the cigarette to distract him and to also look like she was harmless. It worked as she was able to get him under her total control and then have him do all the things she wanted him to do for her without any opposition. When he came to, he did not even know what had happened.

Princess Kate knew this guy was horny and that in that state, it was easy for her to humiliate him and get him to do what she wanted. The mistress chose to do naughty things to herself like play with her pussy as he watched and as he got hornier, she hypnotized him and brainwashed him to get total control over him so that she could have her way with him especially financially.

Mistress Palina was tired of using her hot body for hypnosis and she wanted to try something else. She chose to try use of a dildo to do it. The mistress knew it would be a daunting task so she prepared for a few days so as to perfect what she wanted to do to him. It was a lot of fun as she finally tried it but it took longer and she had to use other skills to make it a success.

Lady Stefanie wanted to make some money from this loaded guy but he seemed like a hard nut to crack. He was also too full of himself and stubborn so she used her hot body to shut him up and her hypnosis fetish to gain total control over him and do what she wanted to him. The mistress was now free to do anything she wanted to him and she chose to make as much as she could from him.

Mistress Harley is blessed with a huge pair of tits and an equally sexy ass. She is tattooed from the neck down and she also has a naughty personality. With an adventurous spirit to boot, the mistress is simply irresistible. She used her hot looks and managed to get this guy hypnotized. She did it slowly and within a few minutes, he was wrapped around her finger and she controlled everything he did. She even financially dominated him.

Madame Svea knew that if she wanted to hypnotize this loser quicker, she had to use her hot ass. So she put it front and center in what she wanted to do. And within a short period of time, she had managed to gain total control of the loser and she had fun ordering him around and making him do things she was sure he would not have done were it not for hypnosis.

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