Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

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Mistress Annabel is a very attractive lady. She knows how to use her good looks to her own advantage. She loves to use them to have fun and taking advantage of guys for her own benefit and fun. Today she wanted to test her good looks for hypnotic purposes. She teased this guy and hypnotized him seductively. He thought she had a thing for her but he ended up under her total control and she financially dominated him.

Mistress X wanted to be a hypnotist. She tried her best and she gained hypnotic powers. She was elated and she had to try them out. So she flirted with this guy and she took him to her place. She used her seductive charm to tease him and to hypnotize him. She had a great time hypnotizing him and she managed to take advantage of him and financially dominate him.

Mistress Kuro loves to hypnotize and take advantage of guys for her own benefit. She had her eyes on this guy and she wanted to get some money off of him. She used her sexy lips and her innocent looking face. She also used her sly smile to her advantage and she hypnotized him easily. She took advantage of the control she had over him to financially dominate him before she left him there.

Princess Kitty wanted to use her feet to hypnotize. She loves to test new hypnosis methods and today she wanted to try her feet as the primary focus. She uses her body parts to do it and she was excited to discover the next best part of her body for total control of a slave and for hypnosis humiliation. She talked to her slave while exposing her feet and she managed to hypnotize him but it took longer than usual to brainfuck him.

Princess Kitty loves to hypnotize. She loves having her paypig around because that is how she gets to live her life without any stress. She lets him go to work for her and whenever he is free, he has to do what she wants. She brainfucked him so much so that she even controls his hobbies. She even makes all his financial decisions and that is why she is loaded at his expense.

Mistress Emily likes to have fun at the expense of losers and today was no exception. She had recently acquired hypnotic powers and she was not afraid to use them. She used them to have fun and financially humiliate this guy. She brainwashed him and had fun manipulating him as she had total control over him. She enjoyed it all but her favorite was when she financially humiliated him and got loads of cash.

Princess Kitty is not your average mistress. She looks harmless and innocent but she is anything but that. She loves to use those looks to lure her victims. She uses her hypnotic powers to make them have fun and to force them to do what she wants. She also likes to financially dominate them after they are under her influence and the good thing is they can never remember a thing.

Lady Victoria knows how to use hypnosis to her advantage. She likes to use it to make guys believe they are having fun with her when she is in fact humiliating them and taking advantage of them. That is what she did to this loser today as she teased him and after she had brainwashed him, she turned him into her credit card. She emptied his bank account before he came to.

Goddess Kim is a hypnosis expert. Many people who need to get information from others usually solicit her services. She is effective but she is not cheap. She has a lot of fun with her job and is why she is so good at it. Today she was not hypnotizing anyone. She was just having fun with herself and trying to get new ways to hypnotize guys. That is the secret to her success.

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