Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

This mistress is a control freak. Making guys do the shit she wants turns her on and that is why she loves brainwashing them and hypnotizing them. Today she used her sexy charm to take control of this guy after she had hypnotized him. She felt powerful and sexy as she did it. She then took her toys and played with herself as he watched without really knowing what was going on.

Mistress Jane knew that this guy wanted to try out different stuff but he did not have the guts to live a kinky lifestyle. That is why she chose to dominate him and do so using her kinkiness. She made him feel like he was part of the action and he fantasized about it all, he became like patty in her hands and she did to him as she wished.

Lady Anja knew that this guy was making money through dubious means and she did not like it. She wanted a piece of the pie and that is why she chose to use her hot ass to make some dough from him. And she did this by hypnotizing him and subsequently financially dominating him. The mistress had complete control of him and she made some good money from him in the process.

Mistress Gabriela had an inconsiderate landlord and much as she had the money to pay for rent, she wanted to teach him a lesson. And she did it by hypnotizing him and then making him believe that she had paid him the rent for that month. When he came to, he thanked her for paying her rent early and he went away. She laughed and knew that if he continued being inconsiderate, she would also pull such stunts on him.

This mistress was not going to leave anything to chance in her quest to pass her exams. That is why she took the drastic step of getting the exam questions from her professor. But because she knew that he would not give them to her willingly, she chose to use her hypnosis fetish to get them. She could tell he was somewhat interested in her and that gave her the chance to hypnotize him and get what she wanted.

This mistress knew the power of a repetitive loop in hypnosis and she employed it on this guy. She knew its power but she had never tried it before. And that is why she chose to do so today. The mistress did not need to use her sexy charm to do it. She wanted to try the use of the loop as well as her words and motion to get the job done and she did.

Madame Svea had tried to hypnotize but she did not succeed. She was so pissed and disappointed that she had to make she got it. She tried all the tricks in the book and felt confident of trying it again. So she tried it on this guy and it worked. And to make sure her powers would always work, she went and tried it on the guy she had tried it on and it did not work. Once it worked on him, she knew she was good now. She made it a celebration as she hypnotized him.

Mistress Harley wanted her debt to be paid. This guy did not prioritize her debt and she was not happy about it. She had to teach him a lesson and she did as she got into his mind got to know he had money and she went to where he kept it and she took the amount enough to settle her debt. She then went away after accomplishing her mission.

Lady Minu did not want to use her body to hypnotize. She wanted to find out whether she could use her voice to do it. And being that she has a soft and sexy voice, she managed to pull it off by being a little naughty with it. And she was shocked at how fast she was able to hypnotize this guy. Luckily for her, she did not want anything from him apart from testing her skills.

Princess Serena is blessed with a hot ass and she wanted to make it useful for something other than using it to sit on. So she looked up what she could do with it and she settled on using it for hypnosis. That way it would make her get some money for herself. It worked as she was able to hypnotize a lot of guys since her ass was super hot and they could not resist it. Then she would turn those guys into her human atms.

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