Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

Princess Kitty understands that guys are easy to hypnotize when they are sexually aroused. That is because they are not in complete control of their mental faculties. That is why she loves to tease them and to arouse them before she hypnotizes them. They can never tell where she is headed with what she wants to do and she finds it vastly easier and better to do it that way.

Lady Meli does not look like a hypnotist at all. She looks like a happy go lucky but she is one of the best in the game. She loves to use her looks and her charm to get guys to loosen up and to trust her. That is how she gets them to do what she wants. She was playfully with this guy and she got him hypnotized before financially dominating him.

When you are blessed with tits as lovely as this mistress has, there are few things you cannot do or accomplish. She wanted to make a little money so she turned to her hypnotic fetish for it. She would use her naughtiness and her craziness to tease guys. Today she did it while she jerked off. She then got the guy to do what she wanted him to do for her.

Goddess Saffron was asked to get a secret from this loser and if she managed, she was promised a lot of money. She was asked to use any means necessary and since it was a lot of money at stake, she agreed. She did not use pain which is what the guy expected her to use. She hypnotized the loser using her hot body and her seductive charm and she got him to tell her all she wanted to know.

Mistress Herrin Amy has big tits and she has a big ass. These two are one of her best weapons to use when she wants to hypnotize or to disarm someone. She teased this guy and after flirting with him for a little while, she was able to get the guy to fall for her charm. She humiliated and dominated him till she was sure she had gained complete control over him.

Princess Serena likes to find guys who have a fetish for sexy asses and then she uses her sexy ass to humiliate them and hypnotize them. She is blessed with a gorgeous ass and when she uses it as a tool to hypnotize, no one can resist her charm. She did not even touch this loser today, but by teasing him, she was able to get and to accomplish what she wanted.

This mistress has black lips and she has loves to wear all black clothes and make up. She loves it because it makes her look like a bad girl, which she is. She loves to tease and humiliate guys for fun and whenever they find out how cruel she is, they cannot blame anyone else except themselves because she did not hide the kind of person she is to them.

Madame Svea has a nice ass and she loves to use it to hypnotize people. She loves to hypnotize people so that she can get information that she could otherwise not get using other means. She does not like to torture people in order to get the information so hypnosis is the next best way to get the information she wants from people without resorting to violence or pain on the victims.

Mistress Kuro loves to use her sexy charm to hypnotize. She had a new technique and she wanted to test its efficacy. She chose to test it on this guy she knew was a hard nut to crack. If it worked on him, it would work on anyone else. So she did her best to hypnotize him and before long, he was under her total control and she did whatever she wanted to him.

Mistress Annabel is a very attractive lady. She knows how to use her good looks to her own advantage. She loves to use them to have fun and taking advantage of guys for her own benefit and fun. Today she wanted to test her good looks for hypnotic purposes. She teased this guy and hypnotized him seductively. He thought she had a thing for her but he ended up under her total control and she financially dominated him.

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