Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

This loser did not know who he had messed with. The mistress was so pissed by what he had done that she had to make sure he learned from it. She used her hypnosis fetish to take advantage of him and to make him do all the nasty things she wanted him to do but which she knew he would not do if he was not hypnotized. He learned from his mistake.

Princess Serena wanted to have this guy learn never to mess with her again. She had given him time to learn from his own mistakes but he did not seem to do that. So she used her hypnosis humiliation fetish to teach him a lesson. She turned him on using her sexy butt and then she got him hypnotized. She went ahead to have fun at his expense and let him learn from the aftermath when he came to.

Mistress Vaughn is not your average girl. She is the kind of girl who gets what she wants. And she knows how to achieve that. She uses hypnosis to disarm anyone she wants to get info from. She makes one relax and with her hypnotic powers, she makes the person submit to her and she gets what she wants from him or from her. Today she was practicing a new technique involving cigarettes.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a thriving business where she uses hypnosis to get guys to relax and to remove disturbing thoughts from them. That is what she did to this loser today when she got paid. She used her sexy body to hypnotize him and she made him relax and fall into a deep slumber. He woke up refreshed even though he did not know what she had done to him.

This mistress knew this guy had a secret. She wanted to know the secret but she did not want to ask him because she knew he would not tell her. So she used her hypnosis prowess to get the secret. She teased him and she had fun with him. What he did not know was that she was using her seduction to hypnotize him. When it was in full effect, she made him tell her the secret.

Mistress Lindsey used her hypnosis prowess to dominate this loser. She had a great time dominating him as the hypnosis gave her a lot of powers over him. She had total and complete control over him and directed everything for all the time he was hypnotized. She laughed at all she was able to make him do and she enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a lot of fun and she did not bother to financially dominate him.

Princess Jenny has big tits and she loves using them for her fun. She used them to hypnotize this guy because she realized he had a thing for big boobs. She had fun teasing him and when she finally hypnotized him, she made him do a lot of things without him knowing he was doing them. She controlled him for her own enjoyment but she did not bother dominating him financially.

Princess Serena loves hypnosis because she is able to hide behind it to get what she wants. By the time she is done hypnotizing someone, he or she does not know what happened to him and they cannot point back to her. She was practicing today and she did not want anything from this loser so she hypnotized him as practice but did not do anything else to the guy.

Princess Victoria loves to have fun. She is a naughty girl and she knows people love it when she is naughty. Today she used her naughtiness for financial gain as she teased this guy and she took naughty videos with him and hypnotized him to know all she needed to know about him. Thereafter, she blackmailed him and made a good amount of money from him as he had a lot to hide.

Lady Meli enjoys smoking. She knows how to do it in a sexy manner and whenever guys see her doing it, they fall for her, even guys who do not smoke. She does it to trap them into thinking she can do other sexy things to them and to come across as a bad ass. But that is usually the first step in her intricate web of hypnosis where she gains control of them and she milks them of whatever she wants.

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