Hypnosis Humiliation

Brainfucking Hypnosis and Humiliation. No way out!

Princess Victoria loves to have fun. She is a naughty girl and she knows people love it when she is naughty. Today she used her naughtiness for financial gain as she teased this guy and she took naughty videos with him and hypnotized him to know all she needed to know about him. Thereafter, she blackmailed him and made a good amount of money from him as he had a lot to hide.

Lady Meli enjoys smoking. She knows how to do it in a sexy manner and whenever guys see her doing it, they fall for her, even guys who do not smoke. She does it to trap them into thinking she can do other sexy things to them and to come across as a bad ass. But that is usually the first step in her intricate web of hypnosis where she gains control of them and she milks them of whatever she wants.

This mistress has a sexy charm that very few people cannot fall for. She loves dressing in black and acting like a widow. She acts like an expensive and sexy widow and men rush to take advantage of her. But they do not know she is the one devising ways of taking advantage of them. And that is what she planned to do today. When she combined her charm and her hypnotic skills, the combination is lethal.

This mistress was broke but she knew this guy was loaded. He was a miser and she knew it would be hard to lay her hands on his money. So she used her hypnosis charm to gain total control over him. She did not go directly for his money as he did not walk with it. She used her control of him to gain intimate secrets about him and she used the knowledge to blackmail him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves hypnosis. She enjoys making guys her bitches and ordering them around using her femdom hypnosis. She knows they cannot resist her charm and that is why she always uses it. Today she was testing her charm as she wanted to gain better hypnosis skills and stop relying on only one method. So she tried them on this guy and she was happy it worked better than the other one.

Lady Shay wanted to use her butt for hypnosis. She wanted to try using her body parts as the focal point of her hypnosis so she tried her butt first. She enjoyed teasing with it and wearing very tight clothes so as to turn on the guy easily. She had her back towards him and she even played with her high heels and she managed to hypnotize the guy. It was hard but she managed to do it which was some achievement on her part.

Mistress Lexi is a hypnosis queen of repute. She is gifted in using hypnosis to get info from guys. She loves to tease them and get them to relax and enjoy time with her when in fact all she wants to do it to hypnotize and humiliate them for her own fun. She was asked to find out all that this guy had witnessed because his testimony was crucial in court.

Princess Serena is blessed with an ass that is out of this world. She likes to tease guys and to make them trust her and tell her their secrets. She knows a good secret is very valuable. She sometimes uses hypnosis to get them to tell her secrets especially when she knows they are juicy. Princess Serena does this so that they do not remember that they told her anything.

Princess Jenny was offered a lot of money to try and get some information from this guy. A lot of guys had tried but none of them had gotten the information from him. They had tried many things including intimidation but it did not work. Princess Jenny used hypnosis to get the information and it worked. She did not let the guy know she wanted anything from him. He relaxed and thought she wanted to have fun with him and slowly she hypnotized him and she got him to tell her all she knew effortlessly.

Princess Kitty understands that guys are easy to hypnotize when they are sexually aroused. That is because they are not in complete control of their mental faculties. That is why she loves to tease them and to arouse them before she hypnotizes them. They can never tell where she is headed with what she wants to do and she finds it vastly easier and better to do it that way.

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